Lost and Not Yet Found {Coffee for Your Heart}

Lose YourselfAs I often do, earlier this week I had my Pandora musical station playing in the background while I was working. I was barely paying attention to what was playing when these words floated into my consciousness. I checked in and discovered they were from the new Broadway version of the musical Aladdin. Of course they are! Lines like this one are why I love musicals so much. They will often have these lines that cause my breathe to catch in my throat.

These words, in particular, resonate so deeply with me. I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis since transitioning from my full-time job into the world of entrepreneurship. Add to that a strong sense that the Father is inviting me to explore some of the more ancient practices of my faith and I am in a space for which I have no road map to follow. I only know that I’m supposed to be here but where here is and more importantly where here will take me is completely unknown to me.

Feeling Lost

If I’m going to be truly honest, I feel a little lost right now. Not in a bad, “it’s scary and I want to run back home” way (although I have had those thoughts). More in an “I’m in really unfamiliar territory and though I know I’m supposed to be here, I still don’t know exactly where I am going”. I’m a planner and all these unknowns are a bit scary for me. I am confident in my skills, confident that I have what it takes to do this work well but as I step further and further down this road, I am having to craft a new definition of who I am.

I hear these words from the Aladdin musical and I breathe in a little bit of courage, able to rise to the challenge of CHOOSING to let myself get lost. CHOOSING to be at peace with all these unknowns. On purpose, CHOOSING to head into this adventure with no clear sense of what will come but staying open to the possibility of whatever might come. Because, as another line in the song reminds me “after a million miles or so we’ll [I’ll] find out who we are [I am]”.

Being Courageous

I love the idea of discovering new things about who I am; new things I’m capable of doing I never imagined doing; and experiencing things I never dreamed I would experience. Life is meant to be an adventure. I have one life, one wild and precious life, and I want to live that life to the fullest. If being lost for a little while is the path I have to take to unfold into my best self, then I’m willing to get lost; confident that in letting myself get lost, I’ll find out who I am.

You might be feeling lost today too. Maybe you are in a transition of some sort or maybe you’re at the start of something new and you can’t see the forest for the trees. I want to encourage you to see in this all the possibilities of what could come to you here. All the things you can learn and discover about yourself. I know feeling lost is scary but there is a promise in Isaiah that you can cling to help you hold onto your courage.

Whether you turn to the right or to the life, in your ear you will hear a voice behind you, saying “this is the way; walk in it” Isaiah 30:21 NIV  

So be strong and very courageous today my fellow lost traveler. We may be lost for awhile longer but after a million miles or so we just might find out we’re home.

From my heart to yours,

Makeda Holley-Gerth-Button-250x250This post is part of the Coffee for Your Heart link up with the lovely Holley Gerth, sharing a little bit of mid-week encouragement to help you get through the day.