Musings from Around the Web 05.09.14 Edition

05.09.14 weekly roundupI missed last week’s Musings and this week I’m posting a day earlier than normal although I’m thinking I may move these to Fridays anyway. It’s not a long list because it’s been a full on week for me but I found a few gems I wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Letting go is hard to do, especially when we feel led to let go of something that has been a big part of our lives for a long time. Boy, do I know what this feels like as I’m in the middle of a major transition in my life. But this short video reminds us that sometimes we have to let go of the good in our lives to make room for something even better – When you really say goodbye to something, mentally, and it’s time to end that chapter and start a new one, so many amazing things can happen.

I was completely inspired reading the story of these six women who paid off over $440,000 in debt. I am doing a lot of work this year on my relationship with money and these stories stoked that fire even more – “Arianne Fisher, a single mother who paid off more than $40,500 in the past year and a half, went from feeling “completely defeated” to having “a beaming outlook on life.” she says. “I feel proud of my accomplishments and optimistic for the future.” “

This post by Danielle LaPorte is just plain brilliant. She offers a different perspective on how to handle anxiety. You know that crippling feeling that keeps you stuck and unable to move forward. Danielle offers up an idea that I think is potentially life changing for those feeling trapped by anxiety – “Anxiety doesn’t come bearing the solution. It’s just there to direct your attention to the problem.”

Finally, as has become my custom here on the Weekly Roundup I leave you with a video that I hope will inspire you. This one is from a couple seasons ago on Britains Got Talent (evidently I have a thing for the Brits 🙂 ).

I wept watching this video because I’m so sick of people being judged by what they look like without taking the time to get to know them (listen to Simon’s comment at the beginning). Simon and most of this audience dismissed this young man because he didn’t “look the part”. But then he sang and reminded them to never judge a book by it’s cover.

I don’t care who you are or what you look like, the world needs your gifts and your talents. No one is served by you playing small so DO NOT let anyone diminish your light. But most of all don’t YOU diminish your light because of someone else’s voice in your head. *stepping off my soap box now*


Musings From Around the Web 04.26.14 Edition

04.26.14 weekly roundupWelcome to this week’s edition of Musings from Around the Web. This week it’s a hodge podge of stories that caught my heart (and evidently I like the use of the word hodge podge 🙂 ). No real theme but all still good stuff if you ask me.

I am doing some work around my relationship with money and in the process discovered a close correlation in my relationship with food. In seeking to learn more about their connection, I found this gem by Geneen Roth. So much goodness in this post, I can’t even – “when you allow yourself to have what you love, you realize that you are someone upon whom love can be lavished”

Women are often given a bad rap for talking too much, with claims suggesting that we talk three times as much as men in a typical day. It’s not that we talk too much, it’s just that we have a lot of important things that need to be said 🙂 Here we are offered some tips to keep our need to fill in all the details from working against us – Lean into the silence, because the other party is likely far more scared of it than you are.”

I discovered the blog Savor the Success this week and have been lurking around their site. Lots of good stuff on there, including a regular segment featuring everyday women who are inspiring their world. Love, love, love this idea! In this post, Laura Campbell shares how she approaches her business and personal life as a busy entrepreneur – “It’s easy for women to sacrifice one area of their life for another without realizing that “success” is when our personal and professional lives are in alignment and harmony with each other.”

I. CANNOT. WAIT for this book to come out. I don’t know Preston personally but he has motivated and inspired me more times than I can count. His approach to his spirituality is beautiful and challenging. Without knowing it, he has given me permission to think outside the box of my own spirituality practices. His writing is poetic and stunning and I KNOW this book is going to be incredible. – Every good and deep part of you that has wrestled or struggled or walked away from faith (or tried to) finds a moment in Tables in the Wilderness to breathe, to be understood, to grasp hope.

It is easy for women to sacrifice one area of their life for another without realizing that “success” is when our personal and professional lives are in alignment and harmony with each other.  – See more at:
It is easy for women to sacrifice one area of their life for another without realizing that “success” is when our personal and professional lives are in alignment and harmony with each other.  – See more at:

That’s it for this week’s roundup. I hope you’ve been inspired and challenged to think a little differently about life in general. In keeping with my previous posts, I leave you with another video. This one is also from Britain’s Got Talent. If you’re mouth is not dropping on the floor watching this then you’re a better person than I am 🙂

Musings from Around the Web 04.19.14 Edition

04.19.14 roundup

My wanderings around the web this week were full of lots of “dang that’s good” moments. I could probably fill several posts with some of what I found but I’ll keep it to just a few today I promise 🙂

I don’t know that there will always be a theme but this week it’s all about being brave, vulnerable and unafraid of being who you are.

For the second week in a row, Arianna Huffington makes an appearance in the Weekly Roundup. I think she’s such a great role model for women and I just love the way she thinks. In this video she offers us some tips on quieting the voice of self-doubt that lives in all of our heads – “I had to really educate her and educate myself to realize that I am not that voice — I am not that negative fantasy or these doubts.”

The sheer brilliance of this post’s title is reason enough to read it but then the authors go on to deliver one of the best things I’ve read in a long time on the power of being our most authentic self – “The more comfortable you are – the less you are subjecting yourself to discomfort for the sake of others or appearances – the more you will draw people who really are interested in being there with you.”

Being vulnerable is hard, like really hard. It sort of feels like standing naked in a room full of people, all staring at you. That icky feeling you just got reading that sentence, yeah that’s what vulnerability feels like. But in this post, Jonathan Fields suggests that is exactly what we need to do if we are going to step into our best self – “Naked and silent is the place where your next better self takes root.”

I love Brene Brown! Her original TED talk set off a chain reaction in my life back in 2010 that is still reverberating today. I recently started reading her book Daring Greatly. The title is inspired from a quote by Theodore Roosevelt. In 2012 Brene gave a second TED talk where she shared this quote and expounded on it to address the issue of shame. An artist took the original quote and Brene’s words in her TED talk and created  this incredible poster“We look up and the critic we see pointing and laughing…99% of the time is who? Us”

I hope you were inspired by some of these. I’ll sign off this week’s roundup with a video from this season’s Britain’s Got Talent. Les Miserables is one of my FAVORITE musicals. I cry every time I watch it and what these guys did with the song Stars in simply breathtaking. Enjoy!

Musings from Around the Web 04.12.14 Edition

04.12.14 weekly roundupAs I was wondering around the web this week I came across some great content that I wanted to share with you guys. My goal is to do this on a regular basis because there’s some really good stuff out there. My thinking and assumptions are being challenged and I like it, a lot. I’ve decided to take y’all along on that ride with me too so you can look for one of these posts, hopefully weekly.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been leaning more and more into my passion to see women rise into their best selves, ESPECIALLY women leaders. As women, I believe we habitually diminish who we are and the value we have to bring in owning our stories and our voices. As women leaders, we think we have to do it the way men do it to succeed and I just happen to disagree with that thought process.

My findings this week are aimed at getting us women to think differently about how we present ourselves and our work to the world.

In this interview with Arianna Huffington, women are challenged to redefine success –  “…redefining success and what it means to live a life that matters, which will be different for each of us, according to our own values and goals (and not those imposed on us by society)

My friend Karen, penned this gorgeous post that reminded me, when it comes to the work I offer to the world, there is no right or wrong way, there is only my way – “because it’s not about doing more. or doing right. it’s about being you. and doing what you need to do based on where you are right now.”

After reading this article about a habit that lasts only 30 seconds, I have a found a little notebook to carry around with me so I can start implementing it – “it’s not note taking…it’s hard work…[but] it gets easier and more valuable.”

I LOVE Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. Seriously, how can you not get happy listening to that song 🙂 This post offers some clues on how to find your happy – “Instead of worrying about what others think you “should” be doing to find joy, they say, focus on finding your own unique path to happiness.”

I’ll sign off on this week’s roundup with Pharrell Williams’ video. I dare you not to smile while watching it. Have a fabulous weekend and may you discover your HAPPY!