52 Photos Project – Week 52 {Clouds}

I can hardly believe it’s the last week of the 52 Photos Project. It has been such fun for me to participate in this project. At the very least it forced me to pick up a camera more consistently, even if it was just my iPhone 🙂

I started the project because I wanted to get better at picture taking thinking I was going to turn my hobby into something a little more serious. As it turns out, life is taking me down a different path but I suspect photography will still be a part of my journey.

This week the theme is clouds. Here are are a few of my favorites from my archives


Love fluffy clouds that look like I can bounce on them.


El Paso Texas


Pacific Coast Highway (on the vacation of a lifetime)

There are some fun pics in this week’s gallery. Take a look and as always leave some love for the other photogs.

The next round of 52 Photos kicks off in a couple of weeks. If you are a photographer or just like taking pictures, I can’t recommend participating in something like this enough. I will likely not be a part of the next round but you never know, I may still pop in from time to time 🙂


52 Photos Project – Week 51 {Petals}

Wow! Only two weeks left in the 52 Photos Project. I can’t believe how much has happened and changed for me over the last year. I’ll do more reflecting next week when we have the final prompt but for now, suffice it to say that I am proud of myself for making it this far.

This week we are looking at petals. Some friends of mine were married a couple of weeks ago and my best friend’s daughter was the flower. She was SUCH a diva dropping her petals. I had to use this pic of her for this week’s prompt. So adorable!

lily sheaHere, too, are a couple of pictures featuring more traditional petals. Love me some roses!

yellow roses rosesThere are some colorful pictures in this week’s gallery. Go check out what the other photographers have submitted and as always leave them some love. One more week to go!


52 Photos Project – Week 50 {A Day In My Life}

We are in the home stretch of the 52 Photos Project. I have managed to post a picture for every prompt so far and seeing as there are only two weeks to go, my goal is to finish strong.

This week we are sharing a picture from a day in our life. I’m being a little cheeky with my choice. But it allows me to share two fun facts about me and I couldn’t resist 🙂

week 50_day in lifeSo fun fact number one: my bedside clock is 1 hour and 14 minutes fast. I know completely random but it started in High School. I had a really cheap alarm clock that would only allow you to set the time forward, you couldn’t go back if you missed the correct time. Initially the clock told the right time but each time we lost power or it had to be reset, it got a little bit faster. First by only a couple of minutes, then 5 minutes, and then 10 minutes. We were holding pretty good at 10 minutes for awhile and then one day I got distracted while setting the clock and it went to 14 minutes and I decided to leave it alone. For whatever reasons, the 14 minutes stuck and I got really good at deducting 14 minutes off the time. Then one year, when Daylight Savings Time ended I didn’t bother to move it because I was feeling lazy (remember the clock could only go forward not back). Ever since, I’ve set the clock in my bedroom 1 hour and 14 minutes fast. It’s the only clock in my house that fast but after all this time I can’t bring myself to set the correct time in my bedroom. I know I’m weird 🙂

Fun fact number two: I never set an alarm, I just always wake up when I need to get up. I don’t remember when I stopped but I do know that it has been years since I have set an alarm. I can remember only one time in the last 15 or so years that I have set an alarm and that was because I went to bed at like midnight and had to get up at 3:00am to get on the road. I was afraid I might not get up in time but I still woke up before the alarm went off 🙂 Most of my friends don’t get how I can wake up without an alarm. I don’t really know either but somehow I just do.

There you have it. A peek into the random weirdness that is my life and my days. The pictures in this week’s gallery are all really fun this week so go check them out and leave some love for the other photographers. Before you go though, do you have any fun facts about yourself? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

52 Photos Project – Week 49 {An Old Photo}

This week over at 52 Photos Project, we are doing a blog style Throw Back Thursday, although technically it has lasted all week long 🙂 The prompt was to post an old photo. We could take a pic of a pic if we needed to which is what I ended up having to do because I don’t have any pictures I actually took that go back far enough.

I also don’t have a lot of pictures from my childhood as my mother has them all in photo albums scattered in various closets throughout her house. A few years ago, though, I sent one of my younger siblings rummaging through those albums to find me a picture I needed and she mailed these two gems along with it.

IMG_0668I am guessing I was about 6 or 7 in this picture. It was taken in the basement of my great-aunt’s house in Brooklyn, NY where I grew up. Gotta love those paneled walls 🙂 And here’s one of me and my sister.

IMG_0667_bShe is exactly 11 months and 3 weeks younger than me. Yup she was born a week before I turned one so every year for a week we are the same age 🙂 We look nothing alike and have VERY different personalities but we have the same mother and the same father. It’s very funny when we are introduced to each others’ friends because we truly could not be more opposite if we tried. She’s a good egg though and I’m glad she’s my sis.

There are a lot of fun pics to peruse in the gallery this week. Go take a look and as always leave some love for the other photogs. Only 3 more weeks to go!

52 Photos Project – Week 48 {A Present Someone Gave You}

We are moving into the home stretch with the 52 Photos Project. Only 5 more prompts to be showcased for this year long project and it’s been loads of fun for me. This week we are sharing a gift that was given to us.

A few years ago I participated in a group counseling program called Healing Hearts.  It was a program geared to help women find and heal the wounds in their story. At the end of the program, we were all asked to bring a gift that would be given anonymously to one of the other women in the group as an Ebenezer.

The idea is taken from Scripture where the nation of Israel set up a memorial to remind them of the help God provided them against their enemies. The gift we offered to each other was meant to remind us of the progress we had made in the program and of the promise we made to ourselves to care for our hearts better.

week 48_giftThis Willow Tree figurine is called Surrounded By Love. At the time, it was perfect for me because it was intended to remind me that self-care was the first and best kind of love I can surround myself with in my life. I have not always been consistent with my self-care practices but this gift reminds me to keep trying even if I don’t get it right all the time.

I have it sitting on the mantle over my fireplace, ironically next to my OneWord365 for this year, RISK. Ironic, because at the time I went through the group I did not risk as much as I perhaps should have. I was paired with someone who was incredibly needy and that caused me to go into the role of caregiver. Taking care of others, often at my own expense, is a very familiar and comfortable role for me and I fell very easily into that space. Signing up for the program was a big step for me but being caretaker of this other person caused me to be on guard which ultimately led to my not getting as much out of it as I might have under other circumstances. I don’t know that I regret that decision. Sometimes, though, I do look at my little Ebenezer and I wonder how things might have been different if I had taken more of a risk then. But I’m learning to take more risks this year and living into my word more so I guess that means I’m making progress 🙂

As always I am super impressed by the pics from the other photographers. Click here to see this week’s gallery and as always leave some love for the other photogs when you visit. But before you go, I would love to know what’s the best gift you’ve ever been given?

52 Photos Project – Week 47 {Where I Would Take You}

Well I am once again skating in at the last minute posting my submission for the 52 Photos Project. This time I have a really great reason for the late submission. I spoke at my church this past weekend and I spent most of my free time last week preparing to speak FOUR times over two days. I like talking but after that I would be okay to not speak for a week 🙂 It was a lot of fun though and I may share on here a little bit of what I talked about over the weekend.  Anyhoo, this is the reason for my late submission this week (and between you and me I think it’s the best reason I’ve had yet 🙂 ).

The prompt this week was A Place I Would Show You In My Town. I reached back into my archives for this photo but it was perfect for this prompt. I live in a historic part of downtown (or as Charlotteans call it, uptown) Charlotte, NC called The Fourth Ward. If you came for a visit, a tour through the Fourth Ward is a must.

neighborhood collage_v2The Fourth Ward has some of the most beautiful homes in Charlotte. Old and historic, they make meandering down the streets of Charlotte a feast for the eyes. LOVE my neighborhood!

Inside one of these old homes, around the corner from my house, is a hole in the wall restaurant called Alexander Michael’s. Like any good hole in the wall places, it has some really good food on the menu. My favorite is the Grilled Chicken Pita followed closely by the Quinoa Burger. Oh my word, such good food. It’s a small place and there is always a wait but we would most definitely HAVE to make a stop at Al Mike’s.

After our stop at Al Mike’s we’d need to walk off all that good food so we’d make our way to the Neighborhood Park. It’s across the street from my house a couple blocks and I happened upon it by chance one night when I first moved in. I was a little bit excited to discover that it had swings. I LOVE swinging. I may be a grown woman but I am a kid at heart and nothing makes me feel like a kid again like swinging. So we’d have to go check out the Fourth Ward Park and go for a little swing. I go there whenever I need to de-stress so a stop there is also a must for your trip.

Finally we’d wander around the rest of the Fourth Ward area and eventually make our way to Center City where all the action is in our downtown area. I love going downtown just for the people watching. Human behavior is such a fascinating thing and nothing exemplifies that better than the people hanging out in downtown Charlotte. New Years Eve is a veritable trove of awesomeness when it comes to people watching. I go to our NYE festivities JUST for the people watching, it is that entertaining 🙂

I love living in our downtown area. I am such a city girl and I living here feeds that part of me pretty well. Not nearly as good as if I lived in New York City again but hey I’ll take what I can get. If you’re ever in Charlotte, let me know and I’ll show you around.

Take a look at this week’s gallery to see what the other photogs have shared. I’d love to visit a couple of the spots showcased in the gallery. I have a thing with the ocean and there are several pics of the ocean so I’m sure I’d feel right at home in some of those places. Take a look and as always leave some love for them if you visit their sites.

52 Photos Project – Week 46 {How I Start My Day}

This week over at 52 Photos Project the prompt is How I Start My Day. I was initially challenged by this prompt because back a few weeks ago we had a similar prompt and I wasn’t sure how I would capture something different. However, with a little bit of thinking I prevailed and came up with a new way of showcasing how I start my day.

week 46_how i start my dayMy journal is typically the first thing I grab after I brush my teeth in the morning. I started Morning Pages back in October and I’m happy to say that it continues to be a part of my morning ritual. My journal is on the left in the above picture. I’m not typically a fan of pink but I fell in love with this journal in the store and I knew it had to be mine.

For Lent a friend and I have decided to take on Margaret Feinberg’s #LentChallenge. The goal is to read through the entire New Testament during the 40 Days of Lent. It’s only been four days and whoah it’s already been a challenge (Sunday is a rest day or a day to catch up). I have read through the New Testament multiple times including doing it in 30 days a couple years ago. But still it has been a challenge to not just read it but actually think about what I’m reading and not just read it for the sake of reading it.

I am also working my way through Renee Swope’s 60 Day Devotional based on her bestseller A Confident Heart. The book and devotional are aimed at helping us learn how to stop doubting yourself and start living in the security of God’s promises. I started it on Ash Wednesday also but not taking Sundays off for this portion. Between the journaling and all that reading, my morning routine is at least twice as long as it used to be but I’m enjoying it so no complaints.

(On a side note, I’m reading A Confident Heart on my Kindle Fire and I’m in love with the Kindle. It just might take the place of my iPad as my preferred e-reader)

The final thing that I need to get going on my day is a cup of tea in my favorite Starbucks mug as I head out the door. My current addiction is P&G Tips which is a wonderful full body black tea from England. I make a large cup before I leave the house and because this cup keeps the tea piping hot, I can enjoy it at my desk when I arrive at work. It’s a wonderful way to start my work day.

As usual I encourage you to go check out this week’s gallery and see what the other photogs have shared. I would also love to know, what rituals do you have to start your day?