My Project Fascination Results


In my last post I shared with you about the work of Sally Hoghead and her Fascination Project. Several people I know have taken the test and, like me, think their results are spot on. As promised here are my results from this assessment:

My Archetype

My ARCHETYPE from the assessment is The Veiled Strength (the idea that my strength is veiled tickles me for some reason). Words that describe me as The Veiled Strength are realistic, intentional, to the point, orderly and multi-layered (all of which are true). This is how the world sees me:

  • I command respect with a rational approach to problem solving (I love problem solving. Strategizing solutions is definitely my wheelhouse).
  • Independent and self-reliant, I have an unwavering confidence in my ability to find solution and reach goals (again true)
  • I prefer to base my decisions on hard data and quantitative information rather than gut feeling (mostly true although I’m learning to listen to my gut more these days)
  • My quiet demeanor hides a strong inner core (this the one I probably disagree with the most. I do have a strong inner core but I also think I have a strong presence about me that is not necessarily quiet. Calming? Yes. Quiet? Not so much.

Personality Archetypes

My Advantages

My Archetype is derived from the combination of my primary and secondary advantages. Mine are Mystique and Power respectively.

With Mystique as my primary trigger, I:

  • Intrigue others with understatement (not sure I agree with this one)
  • Communicates selectively and purposefully (agreed. I like to choose  my words carefully when speaking)
  • Rarely shows inner emotions (pretty much 🙂 )
  • Remains calm in situations of pressure (I can do this even if I’m freaking out internally)
  • Works independently without disclosing insider process (I like brainstorming and collaborating in a group but generally speaking I’m a lone ranger when it comes to how I work)
  • Subtle style makes every detail influential
  • Mystique is the language of LISTENING (LOVE this because I value my ability to listen well and be present with others)

With Power as my secondary trigger, I:

  • Enjoy leading projects and easily win buy-in with teams (I like to think this is true)
  • Direct individuals and groups with confidence and success (true story)
  • Set ambitious personal and professional goals (agreed)
  • Express opinions and makes complex decisions with unwavering conviction (yeah I don’t have any issues making my opinions known 🙂 )
  • Confront potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively (I believe confrontation can be healthy when done right)
  • Lead naturally (pretty sure I came out of my mother’s womb telling the doctor what to do 🙂 )
  • Power is the language of CONFIDENCE

I’ve taken a lot of these personality tests (INTJ on Meyer’s Briggs; Choleric/Melancholy on Personality Plus; D/C on DISC assessment) and they have told me a lot about how I see the world. They’ve helped me know and understand myself better. What I like about the Fascination Assessment is that it speaks to how the world sees me.  This allows me to maximize the natural strengths of my ARCHETYPE while being mindful of the liabilities that can get in the way of me effectively communicating with others. It’s nice to be able to see these things about myself on paper and be able to say that I agree, this is how I am.

I don’t believe in using these tests to box yourself into anything. Instead, I encourage the use of them as a way to understand yourself better so you can move more confidently toward the best version of you possible. I want you to be MORE of who you already are and this test is a tool that can help you on the road to being you.

If you haven’t already taken the test, click here to access it. Use the code BL-kedamak and you can take it for free. You have until July 25 so don’t wait, go find out your fascination advantage. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on tests like this. Do you find them useful or more a waste of time than anything else? Share in the comments below.


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