Taking Risks

I’ve been a little AWOL from my blog recently. It hasn’t been intentional but it has been necessary. I’m in the middle of a major change in my life and my bandwidth has been a little lower than normal. In a few of my other posts I have alluded to the fact that I have been in transition and today I wanted to share some of the details. My OneWord for 2014 is Risk and boy am I about to take a really big risk.

OneWord365_RiskIn 2002 I moved to Charlotte, NC, where I currently live, to help plant a church. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I had a very clear directive from God that moving here to help was exactly what I was supposed to do. The last twelve years of my life have been the craziest, most insane years of my life. Folks, let me tell you, church planting is not for the fainthearted. But God is good and through His faithfulness the church has grown from 4 people meeting weekly for prayer to a thriving church serving hundreds of people every week. During that time my role shifted from that of Church Administrator to serving as the Executive Pastor, a role I have been in for the last six years.

At the end of 2011, I started to sense that a change was coming for me. I didn’t know what that would look like but suddenly my life stopped making sense and I went through a long wrestling period with God to figure out what was going on. It has been a long journey filled with lots of praying and fasting but now after 12 years, I am stepping down from my staff position. As of June 1, I will be transitioning into my own coaching and consulting practice.

I have this passion to help people live the stories they were born to live. I believe there is a unique seed of Divine greatness inside each of us. I want to help people learn how to rise into their unique greatness. In my coaching practice, I hope to serve those who feel as if they are meant for more but can’t figure out what’s keeping them from stepping fully into that more. The consulting arm of my services will be for churches and possibly non-profits that need an outside voice to help establish the systems and leadership structure they need to fulfill their vision.

The common thread for me in all of my services is people owning their voices and their story. People, business owners and even church leaders are prone to looking at those who are successful around them and then trying to imitate what that person, business or church did hoping to duplicate someone else’s success. I want to challenge you to discover YOUR unique seed of greatness so you can rise fully into that and become the best version of YOU possible. This principle works for businesses and churches too.

My website is in the works and as soon as it is ready I will share it with you guys. In the meantime, if you would like to be among the first to hear how things are coming along, including when my website is live, I would love for you to subscribe to my mailing list. My goal is to provide once a week updates to my subscribers until I’m done and then I will send you unique content before it hits my site so you can always be in the know.

Click here if you’d like to sign up. Thanks for following along with my musings so far. Hope to see you on my new adventures too πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Taking Risks

  1. Congratulations Makeda! You are so cut out for your new adventiure. Thank you for the invitation to come along for the ride. Look forward to hearing more as your dream unfolds.

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