Five Minute Friday: Friend

I haven’t done a Five Minute Friday post is a really long time. In the imaginary world that I inhabit where I am a prolific blogger, sending out wonderful words of wisdom on a regular schedule, the 5 Minute Friday post is a regular occurrence. Alas, I don’t live in that imaginary world (at least not yet) and most weeks I get my 52 Photos Project up and, if it’s a good week, one other post.

Oh but times are a changing friends and I’m making some bold forays into that imaginary world of mine so hopefully these posts will be a regular around here. Then again, maybe not 🙂

The incomparable Lisa-Jo Baker hosts 5 Minute Friday every week. The idea is to take 5 minutes, no more, no less and write about the prompt of the week. You can learn more by clicking here. This week we are talking about friend.


We were beyond excited to get to meet Brene and take a pic with her. LOVE her work!!

We were beyond excited to get to meet Brene and take a pic with her. LOVE her work!!

Those three saved my life. Literally! We came together a hodge podge group of women gathered around our common experience of feeling like we were not enough. We read Brene Brown’s I Thought It Was Just Me and together discovered that we weren’t alone in dealing with the shame-filled voices in our head.

We call ourselves The SOPE Girls. SOPE stands for Screw Other People’s Expectations. Together we learned to be brave and vulnerable. We learned to quietly tell our secrets, afraid they would change the bond we were forming only to discover the revelation of those secrets strengthened our bond.

They became an anchor for my soul when I wandered into the darkness uncertain if I would ever find my out. They were there loving me, supporting me, making it okay that I was where I was and never demanding that I be anything other than who I was in that moment. Their love and support helped me find my way back home.

My friends are a gift the Father handed me at a time when I didn’t even know I needed it but in time I saw just how desperately I needed them. They taught me what it means to love unconditional. They showed me how grace is lived out in the every day ordinary moments of life.

These friends who dared to love when I didn’t think I was so loveable. These friends who helped me relearn my heart song when the words eluded me. These friends who helped me learn to breathe again when all I wanted to do was run from it all.

My friends, I love you to the moon and back, always and forever. You will never know on this side of eternity how much I value the gift you are in my life. It most definitely is a SOPE thing!! 🙂




12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

    • Thanks Richelle. These girls embody that definition more than I could ever find the words to explain. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Really appreciate it.

    • Thanks for stopping by Natasha. You are so right, they are a gift from the Father and I am truly grateful. Thanks for reading and commenting. Blessings to you!

  1. That was a beautiful tribute to your friends. I especially love that last paragraph. Good friends can help us in so many ways, and most times we don’t even realize it. By the way, I love your blog and I will definitely be visiting again!

    • Thank you Claresa. My friends have indeed been a much needed life line for me. Thanks for the visit and compliment about my blog. Look forward to staying connected.

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