52 Photos Project – Week 52 {Clouds}

I can hardly believe it’s the last week of the 52 Photos Project. It has been such fun for me to participate in this project. At the very least it forced me to pick up a camera more consistently, even if it was just my iPhone 🙂

I started the project because I wanted to get better at picture taking thinking I was going to turn my hobby into something a little more serious. As it turns out, life is taking me down a different path but I suspect photography will still be a part of my journey.

This week the theme is clouds. Here are are a few of my favorites from my archives


Love fluffy clouds that look like I can bounce on them.


El Paso Texas


Pacific Coast Highway (on the vacation of a lifetime)

There are some fun pics in this week’s gallery. Take a look and as always leave some love for the other photogs.

The next round of 52 Photos kicks off in a couple of weeks. If you are a photographer or just like taking pictures, I can’t recommend participating in something like this enough. I will likely not be a part of the next round but you never know, I may still pop in from time to time 🙂


2 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 52 {Clouds}

  1. Congratulations Makeda! You did it! And I’m very glad you did. I have so enjoyed seeing and reading what you come up with each week for the 52 Photos Project. Well done – and a big thank you!

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