52 Photos Project – Week 50 {A Day In My Life}

We are in the home stretch of the 52 Photos Project. I have managed to post a picture for every prompt so far and seeing as there are only two weeks to go, my goal is to finish strong.

This week we are sharing a picture from a day in our life. I’m being a little cheeky with my choice. But it allows me to share two fun facts about me and I couldn’t resist 🙂

week 50_day in lifeSo fun fact number one: my bedside clock is 1 hour and 14 minutes fast. I know completely random but it started in High School. I had a really cheap alarm clock that would only allow you to set the time forward, you couldn’t go back if you missed the correct time. Initially the clock told the right time but each time we lost power or it had to be reset, it got a little bit faster. First by only a couple of minutes, then 5 minutes, and then 10 minutes. We were holding pretty good at 10 minutes for awhile and then one day I got distracted while setting the clock and it went to 14 minutes and I decided to leave it alone. For whatever reasons, the 14 minutes stuck and I got really good at deducting 14 minutes off the time. Then one year, when Daylight Savings Time ended I didn’t bother to move it because I was feeling lazy (remember the clock could only go forward not back). Ever since, I’ve set the clock in my bedroom 1 hour and 14 minutes fast. It’s the only clock in my house that fast but after all this time I can’t bring myself to set the correct time in my bedroom. I know I’m weird 🙂

Fun fact number two: I never set an alarm, I just always wake up when I need to get up. I don’t remember when I stopped but I do know that it has been years since I have set an alarm. I can remember only one time in the last 15 or so years that I have set an alarm and that was because I went to bed at like midnight and had to get up at 3:00am to get on the road. I was afraid I might not get up in time but I still woke up before the alarm went off 🙂 Most of my friends don’t get how I can wake up without an alarm. I don’t really know either but somehow I just do.

There you have it. A peek into the random weirdness that is my life and my days. The pictures in this week’s gallery are all really fun this week so go check them out and leave some love for the other photographers. Before you go though, do you have any fun facts about yourself? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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