52 Photos Project – Week 49 {An Old Photo}

This week over at 52 Photos Project, we are doing a blog style Throw Back Thursday, although technically it has lasted all week long 🙂 The prompt was to post an old photo. We could take a pic of a pic if we needed to which is what I ended up having to do because I don’t have any pictures I actually took that go back far enough.

I also don’t have a lot of pictures from my childhood as my mother has them all in photo albums scattered in various closets throughout her house. A few years ago, though, I sent one of my younger siblings rummaging through those albums to find me a picture I needed and she mailed these two gems along with it.

IMG_0668I am guessing I was about 6 or 7 in this picture. It was taken in the basement of my great-aunt’s house in Brooklyn, NY where I grew up. Gotta love those paneled walls 🙂 And here’s one of me and my sister.

IMG_0667_bShe is exactly 11 months and 3 weeks younger than me. Yup she was born a week before I turned one so every year for a week we are the same age 🙂 We look nothing alike and have VERY different personalities but we have the same mother and the same father. It’s very funny when we are introduced to each others’ friends because we truly could not be more opposite if we tried. She’s a good egg though and I’m glad she’s my sis.

There are a lot of fun pics to peruse in the gallery this week. Go take a look and as always leave some love for the other photogs. Only 3 more weeks to go!


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