Be Yourself Today

I misread the title of a blog today. It said Be Kind to Yourself Today but I read it as Be Yourself Today and I realized that either one is a good reminder for today.One of my favorite quotes is by e.e. cummings. It says:

ee cummings quoteOwning who we are and standing in the power of our own story can sometimes be so hard. Especially when well meaning people in our lives try to convince us that we need to, for one reason or another, try to be like everyone else:

“To be successful, you have to do these things in these very specific ways”

“For people to like you, you have to act this way”

“To fit in, you have to wear these types of clothes”

To be what the world says we are supposed to be often requires us to change who we are and become someone else. Today I want to encourage all of us to actively resist that pressure and just be ourselves.

Dare to show the world who you really are!

Dare to just be YOU! Without the rules, without the stipulations, without the cloud of expectations hanging over your head. Just be yourself! It just might make all the difference in your day today.


4 thoughts on “Be Yourself Today

    • Hi lady, I’m so glad that this post touched you today. I sort of wrote it on a whim (mostly because I needed the reminder too) but so glad it resonated. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  1. Beautifully written! This is one of the many reasons I’m enjoying my 50’s. Really really comfortable in my own skin and just being myself! Thanks for your recent visit! (I’ve been following you too, just haven’t had the time to comment like I want to…but I read!!)

    • Thank you Robin! My goal in life is to get into that space you’re in, where I’m really comfortable in my own skin. I’m getting there but still have a lot of room to grow yet. Thanks for reading and commenting. I know how busy life can get but appreciate that you’re still here 🙂 Hugs to you friend!

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