52 Photos Project – Week 47 {Where I Would Take You}

Well I am once again skating in at the last minute posting my submission for the 52 Photos Project. This time I have a really great reason for the late submission. I spoke at my church this past weekend and I spent most of my free time last week preparing to speak FOUR times over two days. I like talking but after that I would be okay to not speak for a week 🙂 It was a lot of fun though and I may share on here a little bit of what I talked about over the weekend.  Anyhoo, this is the reason for my late submission this week (and between you and me I think it’s the best reason I’ve had yet 🙂 ).

The prompt this week was A Place I Would Show You In My Town. I reached back into my archives for this photo but it was perfect for this prompt. I live in a historic part of downtown (or as Charlotteans call it, uptown) Charlotte, NC called The Fourth Ward. If you came for a visit, a tour through the Fourth Ward is a must.

neighborhood collage_v2The Fourth Ward has some of the most beautiful homes in Charlotte. Old and historic, they make meandering down the streets of Charlotte a feast for the eyes. LOVE my neighborhood!

Inside one of these old homes, around the corner from my house, is a hole in the wall restaurant called Alexander Michael’s. Like any good hole in the wall places, it has some really good food on the menu. My favorite is the Grilled Chicken Pita followed closely by the Quinoa Burger. Oh my word, such good food. It’s a small place and there is always a wait but we would most definitely HAVE to make a stop at Al Mike’s.

After our stop at Al Mike’s we’d need to walk off all that good food so we’d make our way to the Neighborhood Park. It’s across the street from my house a couple blocks and I happened upon it by chance one night when I first moved in. I was a little bit excited to discover that it had swings. I LOVE swinging. I may be a grown woman but I am a kid at heart and nothing makes me feel like a kid again like swinging. So we’d have to go check out the Fourth Ward Park and go for a little swing. I go there whenever I need to de-stress so a stop there is also a must for your trip.

Finally we’d wander around the rest of the Fourth Ward area and eventually make our way to Center City where all the action is in our downtown area. I love going downtown just for the people watching. Human behavior is such a fascinating thing and nothing exemplifies that better than the people hanging out in downtown Charlotte. New Years Eve is a veritable trove of awesomeness when it comes to people watching. I go to our NYE festivities JUST for the people watching, it is that entertaining 🙂

I love living in our downtown area. I am such a city girl and I living here feeds that part of me pretty well. Not nearly as good as if I lived in New York City again but hey I’ll take what I can get. If you’re ever in Charlotte, let me know and I’ll show you around.

Take a look at this week’s gallery to see what the other photogs have shared. I’d love to visit a couple of the spots showcased in the gallery. I have a thing with the ocean and there are several pics of the ocean so I’m sure I’d feel right at home in some of those places. Take a look and as always leave some love for them if you visit their sites.


2 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 47 {Where I Would Take You}

    • Kate, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. So glad you enjoyed the little tour of my current hometown. If you’re ever in Charlotte again, I hope you get to see a little more of our fair city. There have been a lot of changes around here lately, mostly for the better though 🙂

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