13 Minutes of Abuse & Foster Care from a Child’s Perspective

My friend Pam posted this video on her blog earlier today and I wanted to share on here too. I believe the video is making the rounds on Facebook but seeing it on Pam’s site impacted me because Pam is a Foster Parent and quite honestly a true angel. She has taken in and loved on so many kids it’s hard not to admire her. But what I love most about Pam is how deeply she loves her kids. They are not someone else’s child, they are her’s and she loves as much as if she had given birth to them. Women like Pam inspire me to be better and do better to create a world that is safe for children like the one in this video. Watch the video and then hope over to Pam’s blog and read more about this incredible woman and the work she is doing.

This video is hard to get through but worth watching. At the end of it, would you take a minute and send up a prayer for the children all around world who are living this nightmare every single day. Pray that hope will find it’s way to them even in the midst of the darkness.

4 thoughts on “13 Minutes of Abuse & Foster Care from a Child’s Perspective

  1. Makeda – I love you. Thank you for such kind words. I’m blessed to have people like you in my life. I hope this video continues to make an impact. Hopefully, more people will answer the call to foster and adopt these precious kids.

    • You’re welcome friend. Love you too and seriously so inspired by you and all those who bravely answer the call to love these little ones. Hugs to you friend

    • Hi Jeri, I nearly bawled watching it too. My heart likely broke a dozen times over in that short 13 minutes. Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. I appreciate you visiting 🙂

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