52 Photos Project – Week 46 {How I Start My Day}

This week over at 52 Photos Project the prompt is How I Start My Day. I was initially challenged by this prompt because back a few weeks ago we had a similar prompt and I wasn’t sure how I would capture something different. However, with a little bit of thinking I prevailed and came up with a new way of showcasing how I start my day.

week 46_how i start my dayMy journal is typically the first thing I grab after I brush my teeth in the morning. I started Morning Pages back in October and I’m happy to say that it continues to be a part of my morning ritual. My journal is on the left in the above picture. I’m not typically a fan of pink but I fell in love with this journal in the store and I knew it had to be mine.

For Lent a friend and I have decided to take on Margaret Feinberg’s #LentChallenge. The goal is to read through the entire New Testament during the 40 Days of Lent. It’s only been four days and whoah it’s already been a challenge (Sunday is a rest day or a day to catch up). I have read through the New Testament multiple times including doing it in 30 days a couple years ago. But still it has been a challenge to not just read it but actually think about what I’m reading and not just read it for the sake of reading it.

I am also working my way through Renee Swope’s 60 Day Devotional based on her bestseller A Confident Heart. The book and devotional are aimed at helping us learn how to stop doubting yourself and start living in the security of God’s promises. I started it on Ash Wednesday also but not taking Sundays off for this portion. Between the journaling and all that reading, my morning routine is at least twice as long as it used to be but I’m enjoying it so no complaints.

(On a side note, I’m reading A Confident Heart on my Kindle Fire and I’m in love with the Kindle. It just might take the place of my iPad as my preferred e-reader)

The final thing that I need to get going on my day is a cup of tea in my favorite Starbucks mug as I head out the door. My current addiction is P&G Tips which is a wonderful full body black tea from England. I make a large cup before I leave the house and because this cup keeps the tea piping hot, I can enjoy it at my desk when I arrive at work. It’s a wonderful way to start my work day.

As usual I encourage you to go check out this week’s gallery and see what the other photogs have shared. I would also love to know, what rituals do you have to start your day?


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