Changes Are A Brewing

Last Tuesday in a moment of inspiration, I decided to change the look and feel of this blog. I am a little bit in love with this new theme, it feels so much more like me. When I first started blogging, the theme I chose fit for where I was at that time in my life. But over the last few months some things have been shifting and changing for me so it was time for a new look.

Socrates quoteOver the next few weeks, I’ll be making some more changes, bringing more focus and consistency to my posts. I’ll be wrapping up the 52 Photos Project in a little bit so, for now, those posts will remain. I’ll also continue to link up for Holley’s Coffee for Your Heart series but I will also be adding some fresh, original content around some of the things that are running around in my head and heart these days.

I’ll be focusing my energy on building something new here. I hope you’ll join me on this new leg of my blogging adventures.

Much love,



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