What Brings Me Joy {Coffee For Your Heart}

I’m linking up again with the lovely Holley Gerth for our weekly Cup of Coffee for Your Heart. So grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage (my current addiction is P&G Tips from England, it is literally heaven in a cup) and settle in while I share a little about the things that bring me joy.

annie_v2I was 10 years old when I saw it for the first time. We had done the stage version for our 5th grade show that year and since a movie of it had just been made, we were taken into Manhattan on a field trip to see it on the big screen.  I had lived in Brooklyn most of my life but this was my first time in the CITY. I have a vivid memory of looking up and thinking how big and tall all the buildings looked. The movie started and I instantly fell in love. Three decades later the opening note from that movie STILL transports me to my happy place.

sound-of-musicGrowing up I watched it every year when it came on television, usually around Easter. In high school, my boyfriend gave me a VCR copy and I WORE IT OUT I watched it so much. I know every line to every song and every piece of dialogue. Me, Maria and those Von Trapp kids we have us a special relationship that goes back decades. And to be clear, there will only ever be one Maria Von Trapp and that is the incomparable Julie Andrews.


I saw it for the first time on the Broadway stage when I was in high school. I could not recall having ever being moved as much by a stage production as I was by this one. I would eventually see the stage version so many times I’d lose track – in New York two or three times, Boston a couple of times, Atlanta, Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, the list is long. The 10th Anniversary recording was my constant companion on the road the year I traveled. To say I am in love with this musical would be a gross understatement.  When they made a movie out of it in 2012, I saw it opening night and wept in practically every scene (I actually took a box of tissues with me because I knew there was no chance of me getting through it without crying). I have seen the movie 6 times and I have cried EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I love it that much.

I love musicals! They are the one thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face no matter how bad of a day I am having. Even Les Mis which brings me to tears every time, still makes my heart happy. Musicals are the things that bring my heart the greatest amount of joy. I know that’s not spiritual but I light up in a way I cannot explain whenever I watch a musical. And it really doesn’t matter the kind of musical. It could be animated or not, it could be cheesy or not, I have yet to meet a musical I didn’t like.

I love them all but Annie, The Sound of Music and Les Mis are my top 3 and each always takes me to my happy place. Even writing this post has brought such joy to my heart; just thinking about them makes me happy. And I may or  may not carry them around on my iPad just in case I’m having a bad day (I know I have issues).

It might seem silly that something as seemingly trivial as a musical can make a heart glad. But my prayer for you is that you have a go to item or person, where you go when life knocks you around a bit or something is trying to rob you of your joy. For me it’s definitely musicals. How about you, what are the things that bring you joy? You can share in the comments below and while you do that, I’m off to go watch one of these because after writing this post I can’t not listen to at least one of them 🙂

Sending you much love from my heart to yours,

Makeda Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150

**all movie clip images taken from public domain and do not belong to me


4 thoughts on “What Brings Me Joy {Coffee For Your Heart}

  1. You brought back so many memories! I can remember all the slumber parties growing up where we watched The Sound of Music! So agree with you…no one will ever be able to replace Julie Andrews! Great post!

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