52 Photos Project – Week 43

I came so close to not posting a pic for this week’s 52 Photos Project (as is evident by my very late submission). The prompt this week was Hearts. I’m not a hearts kind of girl and because it was Valentine’s week it was as if hearts had thrown up everywhere. So sure finding hearts to photograph was not that difficult but who wants to post a cliche picture of some Valentine’s Day hearts?! I didn’t but I also wasn’t really all that inspired about what else to post. So I almost gave up on the whole thing but I am determined to do all 52 weeks of this project so I pushed through and came up with this idea:

week 43_heart

I picked up a bunch of rocks when I was at the beach back in October. I have big plans for these rocks (we’ll see if those plans ever come to pass) but for tonight they act as my heart inspiration. As I made this heart I was reminded that…

Love is Pateint

Love is Kind

Love Never Fails

Even when it gets hard, LOVE still conquers all. I needed to exhale into that truth tonight. So my post this week is mostly for me.

There are some really great pictures in this week’s gallery, not a single cliched Valentine’s Day heart just lots of fun pictures. Go check out what the lovely artists have posted and remember to leave them some love.


2 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 43

    • Totally didn’t realize I didn’t respond to this, forgive me for that. Here’s hoping that I actually follow through and do something with the rocks 🙂

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