When Things Get Hard {Coffee for Your Heart}

courage doesn't always roar

I am once again linking up with Holley for her weekly cup of encouragement for your heart. This week, she asked us to share the encouraging words we like to hear when we are having a hard day. This wasn’t going to be that big of a stretch for me as I’ve had a string of bad days lately. Bad is probably not the right word, I think a better choice would be hard days.

I’ve been reaching and stretching, taking a leap of faith into something new that God is stirring in my heart. The trouble is I can’t seem to gain any real traction. It feels like the further I go, the more the fog thickens and when I have moments where things are coming into focus it only last a minute before the fog returns. To say it has been discouraging at times would be a huge understatement. So I have had plenty of opportunity over the last couple of weeks to discover what my heart needed to hear on those days.

I used to retreat when I had hard days, tuck into my little corner of the world and hide away until I felt better. But I’m learning how to be vulnerable and ask for support when I need it. When I have reached out the last few weeks, the words that have helped me the most were “you’re not alone, everyone feels this way when starting something new” followed closely by “you can do it”.

The little voice in my head has been whispering that I needed to give up because if I could really do this it wouldn’t be so hard. I know that’s a lie but wow when you’re in the middle of it all, it sure sounds like the truth. Hearing that others wrestled with the hard too, that it isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be a fight when it’s something you’re really meant for, these words help me find the courage to try again. And hearing that others believed I could do this further breathed courage into my heart.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.”

That’s me. Finding the courage to try again because someone, a few someones actually, dared to speak simple words of encouragement. Grateful for safe places where I can be caught when I fall and picked back up when I get knocked down.

From my weary but hopeful heart to yours,

Makeda Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150

4 thoughts on “When Things Get Hard {Coffee for Your Heart}

  1. I remember one of my friends gave me a verse from the end of Luke 1 about how God leads us in the path of peace. That’s always helped me when making decisions; I hope it helps you too and that things become clearer soon.

    • Sarah, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I will definitely be reading Luke 1 again to remember His promise to lead me into the path of peace. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

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