52 Photos Project – Week 41

This week the prompt over at 52 Photos is All Dressed Up. I knew the moment I saw it that this one would be a challenge for me. I am not one for getting all gussied up. I am a sweats and t-shirt kind of a gal and had no reason to get dressed up this week nor could I think of a time I had gotten dressed up in the past, with photo evidence to confirm 🙂 And then it snowed in Charlotte and I decided to get creative with my interpretation.

This is a pic of me “all dressed up” to face the cold and snow 🙂

week 41_all dressed up

This pic was not taken this past week in Charlotte as we didn’t have that much snow. Instead it was taken last year while I was in Moldova in JANUARY!!! To say it was cold would be the supreme understatement of the year. I, however, was nice and comfortable in my multiple layers, which included the warmest pair of mittens ever designed by mankind 🙂

I always laugh when I look at this picture because my travel companions on the trip made so much fun of me. But I was warm and for me, being warm trumps everything else including looking good evidently 😉

The gallery of pics this week have a wide variety of interpretations on the prompt. Go check out what the other photogs have done and as always leave them some love in their comments.  In the meantime, what’s the funniest picture you’ve ever taken? I’m curious to hear about it so share in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 41

    • Thanks lady. I’ve been swallowed up by a project I’m working on so I have neglected most other blogs. I need to scoot over to your blog and check out your latest offerings. Hope you are doing well.

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