52 Photos Project – Week 40

The prompt over at 52 Photos this week is My Reflection. I was in California this week supporting a friend of mine as she welcomed her daughter into the world. My focus was on being there for her so I, once again, reached into my archives to pull out a picture for this week’s submission.

I took this picture back when I participated in Vivienne McMaster’s Be Your Own Beloved course. The double reflection happened by accident but I loved it when I saw what happened. The reflection of my eye in the picture frame said a lot to me at the time and looking at it now I still hear the same thing.

day 11_mirror reflection

I see you. I see your becoming and I want you to know you can do it.

I am beginning to live into my OneWord for this year. As I face some risks, I find myself wanting to play it safe, to stay tucked into my very familiar comfort zone. I am stepping into uncharted territory, daring to honor the cry of my heart and as much as I want it to be easy, it is not. It is actually much harder than I thought it would be, this shrugging off of labels and identities that no longer fit. But I’m choosing to lean into the discomfort, to face the pain of change because I believe this risk is one worth taking.

This picture is like a whisper from my soul, saying “I see you and I like what I’m seeing so don’t give up, even though it feels really, really hard.” Its whisper breathes courage into my heart, so I will continue to lean into this becoming because there’s a braver me waiting on the other side.

The gallery this week is full of lots of great images. Go check out what the other photogs submitted and remember to leave them some love. Before you go though, I’d love to hear about a time you pushed through the hard and what happened for you on the other side of it. You can share below in the comments or send me an email if you prefer. Thanks, in advance, for sharing.



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