52 Photos Project – Week 37

Well I’ve been a busy little beaver, so much so that I haven’t been on here blogging all week long. This is a truly sad thing. Forgive me my readers, however many of you there are out there. I promise not to continue to be negligent of my blog. I have several ideas running around in  my head and I still need to share my OneWord for the year. The word has been chosen and not one but two vision boards created. Like I said, I’ve been a busy little beaver. I will get that post up this week for sure.

Okay enough of that, onto the prompt for the 52 Photos Project. This week was another photog choice but the catch was the pic had to be taken on New Year’s Day. I did not leave my house on January 1 but thankfully I went to my sister’s to ring in the New Year and caught this pic of my beautiful nieces and their friend just after we crossed into 2014. Whew! Saved!

week 37_New Years Day

I think my nieces are just gorgeous. I am in denial about how big they are getting though.

Click here to see what the other photogs were up to on New Year’s Day. As usual leave some love for them if you visit their site. Before you go, tell me what you were up to on New Year’s Day this year. Do you have any traditions that you MUST follow or special foods that you eat? Would love to hear.


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