52 Photos Project – week 34

The prompt over at 52 Photos this week is Comfort and Joy. I instantly thought of this pic when I heard the prompt so I decided to pull it out from my archive and use it. I took it on my iPhone 4 so not the greatest quality pic (side note: I’ll be upgrading my phone soon and of all the new features in the 5S, it’s the camera that I am most excited about; it’s the simple things really 🙂 ).

week 34_comfort & joy

I live in the city but I have the luxury of having a wood burning fire place in my condo. On cold winter nights, sitting by a roaring fire is one of my favorite things to do; add in a book and all is well in my world. For me the only thing that would have made this moment more complete is if I were drinking a cup of hot tea, while reading by the fire. I love a good cup of tea and a good book so the two paired together is like heaven on earth for me. Even without the cup of tea, this picture is still a perfect example of Comfort and Joy for me.

There are some fun pictures in this week’s gallery so, as always, go check out what the other photogs have done and leave them some love. But before you go I’d love to hear what images come to mind for you when you hear the words Comfort and Joy?


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