Celebration Rituals


photo by Norman Wilkinson, Creative Commons

Tomorrow some friends and I are getting together to create our 2014 vision boards. I’ve been doing a vision every year since 2008. My friend Jodi introduced me to the idea and I fell in love right from the very beginning. I’ve found it so helpful and inspiring to create a vision board as a way of starting out the New Year with a clear sense of what my heart says it needs in the New Year. Sometimes I set goals but usually I allow my heart to guide my vision board process. Every year I think there is no way I can beat the previous year’s board and then somehow I do. I have fallen more in love with my 2013 board every day so I’m not sure how my 2014 board will be able to top it but I look forward to seeing what emerges.

As I have written about recently I’ve been trying to incorporate some rituals into the rhythms of my life. I was reading something recently that encouraged the idea of celebrating 2013 before turning our eyes to 2014. The author encouraged the reader to spend time thinking about the lessons learned and the dreams that came true this year. We are often so busy rushing to the next thing that we don’t take time to honor or celebrate the good things that are happening right now. I know I am really guilty of being so focused on what’s next that I am not present where I am, at this moment. So I decided that as part of our vision boarding this year my friends and I will start by celebrating 2013.

I have bought balloons and fun beads for all of us to wear, as well as decorations to hang from the ceiling. And then because no party is complete without goody bags, I bought favors and plan to create little bags for my friends to take home with them to remember our time of celebration. I haven’t worked out all the details of the actual ritual but I do know it will involve candles and time spent in gratitude for all that unfolded in 2013 – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I will come back here next week and share my vision board with you, as well as some of the lessons I learned in 2013.  In the meantime, I would love to hear about any rituals that you have for celebrating change or transitions. How do you end one year and begin a new one? Do you create a vision board? How about resolutions? I don’t do resolutions, instead I choose one word I want to guide my year. I’ll share my One Word when I share my vision board. Please share how you honor the end of the year in the comment below. I love hearing from you guys.


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