Ritual Check-In

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I was all psyched about doing a post for Five Minute Friday, since I’ve been doing such a great job posting every week (sarcasm is one of my gifts 🙂 ) However, this week there is no FMF prompt so I decided to catch you guys up on how I’m doing with the rituals I started back in October. You can click here to read the initial post and then keep reading to see how I’m doing now.

Prayer. Conversations with God

Photo by Evan Courtney, Creative Commons

First up is Centering Prayer. I have been going to a Monday night gathering for Centering Prayer and I absolutely love it. But if I’m going to be honest I don’t practice as much outside of that Monday night. It’s not from a lack of desire I just haven’t stuck with it as I thought I would. I initially planned to use it to help me transition from work mode to home mode but here lately that has not been a problem for me. I get into home mode fairly easily because of some exciting projects I’ve started. So I would say for the last probably 3 weeks or so I haven’t practiced Centering Prayer more than that one night a week. This realization actually makes me sad.


I’ve done much better with ending my days with silence and a cup of tea, largely because it has been so cold and nothing feels better on a cold night than a cup of tea. In the interest of mixing things up a bit, I’m not only using Chamomile tea but a few others including Trader Joe’s Well Rested tea. I will admit that I am not having a cup every night but I am most nights so I count this a win.

week 26_first thing in AM

Probably the thing I have been most consistent in doing is Morning Pages. I have fallen in love with this practice and until Thanksgiving morning I had not missed a single morning since I started. Thanksgiving I got up just in time to run an errand before the start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and there was no chance of me missing the parade! I don’t care how much I love doing Morning Pages 🙂 I have uncovered a lot in the pages of my journal and it has helped me in getting thoughts out of my head, which at the moment is a really good thing for me. Most days I stick with the 3 page limit but there have been a few 4 and 5 page days. What can I say? I like talking even when I’m writing 🙂 Morning Pages, it appears, is the one ritual that is really sticking.

So there you have it. I would give myself a solid B minus (-) in my ritual practices so far. Never one to settle for anything less than an A, I shall continue to work on consistency with these. I’m also looking to add a couple of others to the mix.

Your turn! How are you doing with your own personal rituals? If you haven’t shared what they are yet I would love to hear more so please feel to comment below.

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