52 Photos Project – Week 31

This week over at 52 Photos the prompt is My Work. I could have gone the traditional route and posted a pic of the work I do to make a living but Bella’s pic inspired me to go a different direction.  So here’s my submission with an explanation to go with it:

week 31_my workv2

Over the last couple of years, and with some real intentionality this year, I have been doing the work of naming my truth.  I have so many voices that have shaped me over the 4 plus decades that I have been alive. But here lately I’ve been wondering how much of what I claim to be my truth is really the by-product of someone else’s thinking and convictions. I find this to be especially true in the area of my spirituality.

I have gone through some really dark times as it relates to my faith. I have written before about how thread bare my faith felt but what I have discovered is that what felt thread bare was how I had been trained to engage with God. The “formula” that I had been brought up to use was no longer working for me and I had to do some digging to discover what would really work for me. The end result is that my connection with the Father is stronger than it has ever been. He continues to guide me in this journey of uncovering my truth, not just so I can come out from the bondage of other people’s way of thinking but more importantly so that my truth can be defined in light of His Truth.

I am learning to face the truth about who I am and what I really want out of this one precious life that I have been given. It no longer works for me to live my life by other people’s rules. I need to discover my own truth so I can live that truth honestly and authentically. In this work of unraveling my truth, I have found that when I sit in silence what is real and true for me rises to the surface. When I tune out other people’s voices, when I avoid the distractions that keep my mind racing on the unimportant and irrelevant, when I quiet the noise THEN I can hear more clearly the truth that my heart already knows. And then I can live the best version of my life possible.

This is not a dress rehearsal and when I get to the end of my days I want to look back knowing I have lived my life to the fullest extent possible. I want to know that I have offered up the best parts of myself in service to the world. If I live by other people’s idea of what my life should be then I forfeit the life I was born to live. That is a risk I am no longer willing to take. My life, all of our lives, are far too important to be wasted living someone else’s version of it. So I am doing the work of unraveling my truth and sitting in silence, more often, so I can properly name that truth.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs

4 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 31

  1. Powerful and inspiring post. “Sitting in silence” is something that I have been trying to do more often. It seems harder to achieve in this tech-driven time we live in and impatience comes more easily these days, but the reward is great when we achieve that inner quietude.

    • I agree Juana it is very difficult in this time we are living in because there are so many distractions, so many things calling for our attention. Like you, I have found great reward from those moments of inner quiet. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.

  2. I adore silence…I can go all day if I’m at home in silence. It’s Priceless. Like you, it gives me the time to really think. Really think. Reading your last paragraph made me think of a quote I recently read and fell in love with…

    “An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving little bits of you behind in all those you meet along the way.”


    Beautiful. GREAT post! Thank you!

    • I love that quote Robin. Thanks for sharing. Silence is a gift and sometimes I feel like I can’t get enough of it. As always I appreciate you stopping by.

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