A Little Mish Mash Play

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Deb Taylor 2013

 This is a picture of my friend Deb. She is a master at self-portraits and she took this picture at her favorite place, the beach. Deb is one of the most soulful people I know. We are only online friends but one of these days I’m going to meet this wonderful woman and hug her neck in real life. She exudes an energy that is authentic and beautiful and she inspires me to be more fully present in my world. When I think of people who are unapologetically comfortable in their skin, Deb is most definitely in the top 5. I love her even though I’ve never met her, in person anyway.

This past September I had the privilege of spending a month playing with Deb as part of an online class that she offered. I use the word playing because that is exactly what we did. It was four weeks of fun, enjoyment and simple abandonment  as we explored the themes of photography, cooking, creating and learning to Just Be. During the cooking week I discovered the awesomesauce that is cauliflower muffins and homemade chai tea. Seriously my life is forever changed 🙂

Deb calls the class Mish Mash and those of us who were part of the group are now forever known as Mish Mashers.  Every day Deb sent these wonderful emails full of prompts and ideas for how to engage with the week’s theme. She also sent delightful videos that gave us an inside look into her world, which is a truly magical place.

It was obvious that Deb gave herself completely in creating this course and she showed up 100% for us during the four weeks, and beyond truth be told. The Mish Mashers connected in a private FB group and some truly deep connections were formed during that time. We have continued to stay in touch since the course ended and these women are some of the bravest, most beautiful people I have had the privilege of meeting. September was THE hardest month of my life in recent memory and Deb and the other Mish Mashers were life lines for me during that time. There are no words to express how grateful I was to have them to help take my mind off my troubles.

Deb is offering another Mish Mash class in February and she is offering a discounted rate until the end of the year.  It really is a great deal and such a low cost. If you want the chance to meet some really fun people, not to mention meeting the incomparable Deb Taylor then you need to sign up for Mish Mash. More than that though, Mish Mash will nourish something deep in your soul. We all need more play in our lives. Some how, we think that when we “grow up” we have to stop playing but the truth is play helps us stay tapped into our true selves. Click here for a look at some of what we did during our month together.

Now go check out Deb’s site for more details and then do yourself a favor and sign up for the class. I promise you will not be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “A Little Mish Mash Play

    • You are welcome friend. Thanks for opening your heart up so completely to us during the class. It was just what I needed at the time. Sending you lots of love

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