Personal Life Manifesto

I recently decided to create a personal manifesto that I want to act as a guide for my life. I am intentionally setting about creating the life I believe I am meant to live and I want to use my Manifesto to help support that life. I am a huge lover of words so I spent some time writing down random phrases or words that captured my heart or spoke to me on some level. I just wrote them down on a note pad that I kept nearby in my living room.



The week I was at the beach, I looked at the list and crossed out anything that didn’t feel right for me. I  then took the phrases that were left, listed them on  giant post-it flip chart paper and posted the sheets in the house where I could look at them every day.


IMG_4963Over the course of the week, I eliminated additional phrases and reworked the wording on others until finally my manifesto was done. I really loved the words I ended up with so when I came home I put them into Photo Shop and created a poster. Here is the final version

Life Manifesto_v2

(c) Copyright 2013, Makeda Pennycooke

This will be going up in my house, in a very prominent place. I am so IN LOVE with it. Every phrase is a perfect compliment to the values that matter most to me.

Do you have a personal manifesto for your life? If so I would love to hear more. If not, would you ever consider creating one? If you want to learn more and even get a free e-book on how to create one, you can click here (I didn’t follow his model necessarily but I think it’s a good starting point). You can also see some pre-made ones that might work for you if you need some inspiration or just want to buy one without making one. Either way, hope you are inspired.

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