Yoga & Pushing Through

photo by Tomas Sobek, Creative Commons

photo by Tomas Sobek, Creative Commons

I restarted a yoga practice last week. I have done yoga in the past but it has been a couple of years. I decided to revisit the art of yoga because of a growing need in me to deepen the connection between me and my body.  I am continuing the work of learning to be kinder to myself. Lately though, I have been feeling disconnected from my body because I have not been nourishing it as I should. I have not been eating well and I have not been exercising. My biggest problem is that when I think of exercising and the intensity all the experts tell me I need to move to see any results it feels like abuse, not at all like I’m caring for my body. I know that exercise is a critical part of being healthy so I am by no means advocating that not exercising is right.  I am saying, however, that I need to find a form of exercise that would challenge me but still feel like I was nurturing my body and not beating it up. I have a feeling yoga might work for me so I’m restarting yoga.

To Do or Not to Do

I came home from work tonight after a really frustrating day. I started my day with only one meeting on my calendar and yet somehow I managed to spend the better part of my day in meetings. Too many meetings and not even checked off the to-do list, makes for an unhappy Keeda. I had determined since this morning that I would do yoga when I got home but once I was home it was the last thing I wanted to do. Still I made myself get changed, I pulled out the yoga mat and I started my practice. I was less than 5 minutes in when I decided I really didn’t feel like doing this tonight. I was severely tempted to stop at that point; I hadn’t really gotten started anyway. Instead I decided to push through and keep going.

At the start of each yoga practice, you’re supposed to set an intention for your practice. For now I have only two goals for my yoga practice: 1) don’t fall over and 2) don’t die. So far I’m hitting number two with no trouble 😉 That first goal? Not so much 🙂 So I had to keep going; goal number 1 needed to be met and tonight was gonna be my night (or not).

So on I continued with my practice. When I had about 10 minutes to go I decided I had done enough. I had finished most of the video so I felt like I could stop and I would still have had a decent workout. Power Yoga is no joke. My heart rate was up and I was out of breath so stopping felt like the right decision to make. But once again, I decided to push through; no point quitting now since I was so close to being done.  I finished my yoga practice and when I was done I felt great. I was glad that I had pushed through and done the work.

Warrior What??

As I struggled to get into Warrior 3 (this would be where I failed at reaching goal# 1) I felt like I was getting a little life lesson . How many times do I quit things because it gets too hard and it would just be easier if I didn’t do the work? How often do I quit before I reach a goal, because well what I’ve done so far is good enough? How often do I settle instead of pushing through to see what might be possible? I think my yoga practice tonight may have been a mini encouragement to myself to keep pushing through. It might be hard but in the end it will be worth it. I heard it said once that if you’re going through hell it’s best to just keep moving. I’m not going through hell but I am facing some hard things and it would be easier to cut bait and run. Now though, I think that I might just push through. After all, who knows what I might discover on the other side.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop my yoga practice. I will conquer Warrior 3!!

Are you a yogi? How are you at pushing through hard things? Do you want to quit like me or do you easily push through to the end? I would love to hear more. Please share in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Yoga & Pushing Through

  1. Good for you. This is such a blessing for you. I realize that this is big for you. I do yoga but I have mobility issues so I am going to the Y three times a week and doing a modified yoga. My body feels better and so does my spirit. Congratulations to you. Barbara

    • Barbara, thank you for the encouraging words. It does feel good getting through a practice. I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the love 🙂

  2. Oh how I need to return to yoga. Ever since my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I have totally stopped everything except my photography and my desire to learn acrylic collage. I MUST get back into yoga because I’m feeling my body slowly getting stiffer and stiffer. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. Will be praying for you and your family. I’m still not doing yoga consistently but every day that I pull out that mat I consider a win and I take it. Baby steps count!

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