52 Photos Project – Week 28

TWO.WEEKS.IN.A.ROW! Two weeks in a row of posting well before the deadline. Two weeks in a row of posting before the new week’s post is up. Two weeks of not being practically the last person to link up. Seriously I deserve some kind of award; at the very least I’m going to give myself a big ole fat pat on the back 🙂

Enough of me congratulating myself, the prompt over at 52 Photos this week is Celebration. I chose to pull out these pics from my friend’s birthday awhile back because I’m in love with this cake. Forgive the blurry second pic, I took these on my iPhone and I wasn’t paying attention to how focused they were turning out.

week 28_pic 1

week 28_celebration_pic2

My friend April is a HUGE Wonder Woman fan so our friend Megan made the cake for her from scratch. Isn’t it ridiculous?! When it comes to baking, Megan is crazy talented in the kitchen and quite frankly I’m jealous. April and Megan are part of a group of friends I refer to as my SATC (Sex and the City) girls. There are 4 of us and each of us in one way or the other match one of the girls from SATC. I won’t tell you which one I am 🙂 Megan moved to California this summer so our little group has broken up. We still talk almost daily but now it’s mostly by text. Thank God for group texting.

I can’t tell you what next week’s prompt is because it’s not up yet (I just had to say that again so I could revel in my accomplishment 🙂 ) But you should go check out this week’s gallery of pics because there are some fun ones on there. Remember to show some love to other photogs. When you’re done come back here and share with me your favorite memory associated with a celebration. I’d love to hear your story.


2 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 28

    • WOW! 60 years of marriage is a HUGE accomplishment, definitely worth celebrating. I don’t hear too many stories of marriages that last that long anymore. Thanks for sharing

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