Five Minute Friday: Grace

Flower @ Showa Kinen Park @ Tachikawa

photo by guilhem vellut, Creative Commons

I have decided to unofficially participate in a writing prompt called Five Minute Friday.  The prompt is posted every Friday, just shortly after midnight and the idea is that you write for five minutes on the topic with no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real. You write for exactly five minutes and then you stop. This will be a real challenge for me because I like to talk but it will be good for me to gather my thoughts more succinctly.

I say I am doing this unofficially because to do it officially, you have to link to the blog that started it all. I will eventually do that, but for now I’d like to see if I can find a rhythm of doing these posts every Friday.  We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Today’s prompt is Grace.


I wrote out my personal Life Manifesto recently (which I will be sharing in a post in the next few days). The very last line in my manifesto says “Every day you require grace, so always offer grace.” Grace for me is the unmerited kindness that is granted without reservation and is often not deserved. It is the grace offered to us by the Father in the forgiveness of our sins. I have not always been a good extender of grace, especially to myself.

I believe I am hardest on myself which is not an uncommon behavior for most women. But I also had a tendency to be too critical of people or situations. I didn’t mean to be unkind but my words would often come across unkind or negative. My sister was actually the one who pointed it out to me a few years ago at an orientation we were attending for my niece before she started college. Every where I turned, I had a negative comment to say about someone or something and my sister called me on it. When I reflected I realized how often I did that and I set about changing my words. Instead of being critical, I would on purpose try to find the good and celebrate that instead of focusing  on what needed fixing.  I have tried to be more gracious and since then I think I have gotten better. I added it to my manifesto because I never want to forge that grace has been given to me, and the least I can do is offer that same grace back to others. I am still not so good with it to myself but I’m working on it. I am a work in progress so I celebrate the baby steps that I have accomplished in not being as critical as I was at one time.


What about you? How are you at extending grace to others or even to yourself?


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