52 Photos Project – Week 25

So once again I find myself coming in right under the gun in posting my weekly submission for the 52 Photos Project prompt. Clearly I work better under pressure because there truly is no other explanation for my consistency in posting this late in the week. Or maybe my week’s are just too crazy and Monday night is the best night for me to find time to post. Who knows but alas here I am with my interpretation. The prompt this week was something that starts with C. I had a few ideas but in the end I liked this one the best.

week 25_crayons

C is for Crayons Crowded in a Container (see what I did there 🙂 ). Love all the colors. Crayons always take me back to my childhood. I loved coloring as a child and even now as an adult I’ll still reach for my coloring book when it all gets to be a bit too much.  Coloring is very soothing for the soul 🙂

There are some really fun pictures in this week’s gallery. So go check out what others posted and then tell me in the comments below what things help soothe you after a stressful day?


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