52 Photos Project – Week 22

This week the prompt over at 52 Photos was In My Hands.  My brain is clearly not working seeing as I almost completely forgot about posting a picture this week.  The funny thing is I knew almost instantly what I wanted to do so you would think I would have posted when the gallery first opened up. But, oh no, not me. I have to wait until practically the last second before I post. I’m sure there is some deep rooted psychological reason for my coming in so close each week. I must work better under pressure or something. Anyhoo, here is my submission for this week’s prompt.

week 22_hands

In my hands there is nothing and for me this is a symbolic act of surrender. I have been struggling to hold onto some things; things that I need to let go of in order to fully step into this next chapter of my life. The last couple of weeks have helped me realize that letting go is the only way for me to move forward. I want to try to hold on, try to make the old fit in the new but it’s time for me to release those old things so that I can make room for new things to find me. So this is me emptying my hands and surrendering what I want, to embrace what I need. That is scary work but my tattoo, caught in this shot, is the Hebrew word for courage. It reminds me that I can step courageously into this new season because the Lord, my God is with me. (click here to read more about the story behind my tattoo).

As usual I love the interpretations provided by the other photographers. Check out this week’s gallery and leave some love for these talented folks. Then come back here and let me if is there anything you need to let go? Any habits, people, places, that you need to surrender so you can find your something new? I’d love to hear more.


4 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 22

  1. So enjoyed reading your tattoo story! Thanks for sharing that link. I just returned from a week in colorful Vermont without phone and internet and I now see that I need to step away from the computer more…especially during my most favorite season (fall) of all!!! Thanks for asking!

    • I spent this last week mostly disconnected. It was sooo great to do. I definitely need to do that more often, so healing for the soul to step away from the chaos and remember what life is really all about.

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