Missing What Comes Next

I posted this on Facebook earlier this year and had actually forgotten all about it until tonight. I wasn’t blogging at the time but the words still ring true so I’m sharing it with you my blogging audience.  Hope you enjoy:

I had a text conversation with a friend this morning who mentioned that someone she knew walked out of the movie Les Mis at the scene where Fantine becomes a prostitute because “her faith doesn’t allow her to watch such things”. This lady walked out right before Fantine sings the song I Dream A Dream. As we were talking my friend said these words “…and then to miss what comes of it”.  Her words resonated in my heart and I thought I would share what jumped into my heart.

This situation makes me sad. Setting aside how much I LOVE both the movie & the stage production of Les Mis and not understanding how anyone could not love it too. What really makes me sad is this woman’s decision that her faith doesn’t allow her to watch brokenness unfold in someone’s life. Fantine’s story is a work of fiction but the fact is everyday people all around us are making choices and decisions that are birthed out of the brokenness in their lives. Whether the brokenness is because of things from their past or because the circumstances in their lives has led them down a road they could never have imagined, as Christ-followers we should not be turning from brokenness but instead turning towards it. Compassion and grace should be our response when we are face to face with someone wrestling with things we may not understand or even agree with. We are all made up of strength AND struggle. My area of struggle may look different than another person’s but we ALL have areas that need God’s grace, His mercy, His forgiveness and most of all His redemptive power to work on our behalf.

When we turn away from engaging with someone in their struggle, we miss what comes next. We miss getting to be a part of the incredible story of redemption that God WANTS to write in that person’s story. We miss getting to see how they overcome their brokenness and find healing and wholeness. We miss so much of what makes a beautiful story because we refuse to engage the messy parts of the story. In any really great story, whether movie or book, it’s the messyness, the ugly parts of the story that makes it so great. My hope and prayer today is that if we are ever given the privilege to step into someone’s broken, messy story we will courageously engage with them; that we will not turn away from what makes us uncomfortable but rather turn towards it and find the beauty that lies hidden behind the mess. Don’t miss what comes next.

Here’s Anne Hathaway doing an INCREDIBLE job singing I Dreamed A Dream. This scene moves me to tears every time. It really is the scene leading up to her singing this song that makes it so fabulous. If you’ve not seen this movie you really should. Come over, I have a copy. We can make tea and watch it together 🙂


2 thoughts on “Missing What Comes Next

    • Such a GREAT movie. If you get a chance you must watch it and if I make it to NYC before the end of the year then we’ll just have to have a movie night 🙂

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