Our Deepest Fear

I posted this quote from Marianne Williamson a couple weeks ago but it will not leave me so I made a graphic of it. It was my first attempt at anything like this and I had a lot of fun with it. I will be printing this one and putting it up in my house.

Our Deepest Fear_v2

I think that I have been shrinking back unconsciously but I am beginning to learn how to let my light shine, well more accurately to let it shine as it was meant to not as others think it should. This kind of embracing of my true self is taking a whole new level of courage but it feels liberating so I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

How about you, do you feel as if you own your light or is it being diminished either by you or by someone else in your world? I’d love for you to share.


4 thoughts on “Our Deepest Fear

  1. This will be such a great topic for when we meet one day! Just know for now that I’m happy you are embracing what YOU want and not what others think it should be. Just returned from Dublin and getting caught up! How are you doing with your selfies??

    • I had to fall off the last week. I’ll fill you in when we get a chance to chat. Thanks for the encouragement on this journey. It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it. Hugs to you friend.

    • Learning to be fully our self is courageous work. Takes a lot of bravery to step out of shadow of other people’s expectations into the light of our full being. Thank you for stopping by and offering some encouragement.

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