52 Photos Project – Week 19

Over at 52 Photos the prompt this week is On The Line. I did not get overly creative on this one mostly because I had a super busy week. I captured this shot when I was in Sydney, Australia a few years ago. Sydney’s been on my mind a lot lately and I happened to remember that I took this picture while my friend was trying to help me overcome jet lag.

week 19_on the line

Clothes on the line always remind me of Jamaica. We did not have a washing machine growing up. We hand washed our clothes and then hung them out to dry. I still hang up a lot of my clothes instead of putting them in the dryer but I do miss the smell of clothes that have spent the day being kissed by the sun. Some day I’d like to have a clothes line again so I can hang my clothes up in the sun.

As always there are some really creative submissions for this week’s gallery. Go check it out and remember to leave some love for a few of the other photogs. Next week we are capturing the end of our day. It should lots of fun looking for ways to be creative with this one.

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