52 Photos Project – Week 17

I’ve been a little slack with posting on here this week. I was traveling for work and although I anticipated having some down time, that never actually happened. I have a couple of posts pending in my head and hopefully I’ll get at least a couple of them out this week. Anyhoo, thanks to this wonderful photography challenge I’m guaranteed to post on here at least once a week; my goal is more but at least there is the weekly photo challenge pic to keep you entertained 🙂

This week’s prompt over at 52 Photos Project was Uncommon/Unusual – Something You Don’t See Everyday. I had no idea what I would use for this prompt. That is until I traveled to Florence, KY this week provided me with two pics I could use, gotta love the country (no offense to Kentucky but I grew up in NYC so it doesn’t take much for me to feel like I’m in the country 🙂 ) First up was this water tower near the interstate.

week 17_pic1

It ain’t everyday that you see the word Y’all on a water tower. I’ve lived in middle-of-nowhere-Georgia and still had never seen anything like it. I totally had to get a pic.

Then we were out to dinner one evening and on the menu were Avocado Egg Rolls.

week 17_diptych


I love me some healthy fat but I had never seen egg rolls made with avocados. If you have then I can bet it’s not something  you see every day 🙂

I love all the pics showing up in this week’s gallery. Click here to see the other unusual/uncommon submissions. Next week, the prompt is Light & Dark (Have I mentioned that one of these week’s I’m going to post this BEFORE the following week’s prompt is out? 😦 ) We’ll see what I come up with for that one. Go check out the other photogs and remember to leave some love for a few of them. 

I’m curious what’s the most unusual or uncommon thing you’ve come across recently?


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