52 Photo Project – Week 16

The prompt over at 52 Photos this week is Childhood Games. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do with this one but then I had to rethink my submission when I couldn’t find the original idea I wanted to use. While this is my second choice, it perfectly reflects my childhood. I am Jamaican and in Jamaica, Dominoes is a favorite past-time. We take our dominoes playing very seriously in Jamaica, like seriously serious. Men have been known to get into fights over a game of dominoes. My childhood was spent watching family members and friends play dominoes. My fondest memory of this game was the intensity with which the men would slam down the pieces; it’s like their whole life depended on the outcome of the game 🙂

Here’s my submission for this week’s prompt

week 16_childhood games

I had fun with this one but WOW, there are some brilliant pictures in this week’s gallery. Click here to check them out and show some love to the really talented photogs who are also participating in this challenge.

Next week’s prompt is Unusual and Uncommon, something you don’t see everyday. Now this should be a real challenge. I may burn some brain cells coming up with something creative for this one 🙂


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