Singer Family Photo Shoot

As I continue to practice getting better at taking pictures I have commandeered a few friends to do photo shoots for me. First up is my best friend and her family. Michael & JaLaeh have been married for 8 years this month and have 3 ridiculously adorable children. Noah is 6 1/2, Jonah is 4 1/2 and little Lily will turn 3 next month. They were so much fun to shoot. It was a challenge though because small people don’t always listen to direction but I think I still got a couple of good shots. JaLaeh wanted an urban feel for this shoot so we took their pictures in our downtown area.  We started in a parking lot which provided a great backdrop for several of the shots. We took a few on the streets of Charlotte and then ended in a nearby park.

Little miss Lily is very much a free spirit. Love that in the feet shot her feet are different from everyone else. She’s gonna just do things her own way. I told her parents I see a trailblazer in the making 🙂  The shot of all three kids together might be my favorite picture of the whole shoot. While they are not all looking at me, that image PERFECTLY captures the personality of each child. Noah, the responsible older child; Jonah, Mr. Fickle who may or may not be your friend on any given day; and little Lily who is just wide open.

Collage 2

I love this family We had a lot of fun but I was definitely moving too fast. It was threatening to rain and I wanted to make sure we got all the shots she wanted before the heavens opened up. I have to work on slowing down to make sure that my pictures come out razor sharp. Still, for the most part I’m happy with how they turned out and I think she will be too.


4 thoughts on “Singer Family Photo Shoot

  1. These are great! I love that photo of the three little ones as well! That will be a keeper for many many years to come. Slowing down…ah, one of those big lessons. I’m still learning that too!

    • Slowing down is so hard to do but I’m willing to figure out how to do it if it means I get better pictures AND live a more sane life 🙂

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