52 Photos Project – Week 14

The prompt over at 52 Photos this week was Down Below and I totally cheated with my submission, in more ways than one. First up is that I did not take my submission this week. I know! For shame! BUT I couldn’t not post it especially since I kept thinking Down Under, instead of Down Below when I thought about this week’s prompt so I am totally posting a pic from my trip to Sydney a few years ago. Which brings me to my second cheat seeing as technically it’s not a shot down below. But I was Down Under and underneath the bridge when I captured it. So in my warped way of thinking it totally counts 🙂 So forgive me for cheating but enjoy. Here’s my submission:

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

I had a little fun editing this picture, both the original time and when I re-edited it for this submission. The black and white added so much drama to it. I actually ended up getting this printed on a wrap around canvas and I have it hanging in my house. One of the few images I’ve taken that I bothered to get printed. I should probably start doing more of that in the future.

To see the other submissions for this week you can click here. There are some truly talented people participating in this project. The gallery this week is truly spectacular. Love every one of them. Seriously go check them out and leave some love for these extraordinary photogs. Next week”s theme is Fresh. Looking forward to seeing what I come up with for that one.

Oh and to leave you on a high note. Here’s a pic of me from the very top of that very bridge. I have a secret wish to live in Sydney or really just about anywhere in Australia. I LOVE that place 🙂

Bridge Climb


6 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 14

  1. maxipix says:

    Hi Makeda, I live in Sydney and just love it. Your shot of the bridge drew me in right away. I have not done the bridge climb but hope to one day.

    • I’m totally jealous of you living in Sydney. One of my closest friends lives there and I keep trying to find a way to run away from home and go live there at least for a bit. I don’t need to stay forever, just five years or so. But alas, Australia doesn’t make it easy for us non-Australians to come spend time in your country indefinitely 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. You totally should climb the bridge one day. I get it though. I grew in NYC and I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. Kind of a shame but when you live there, it’s just not the thing you do right 🙂

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