You Get to Meet My Family (and I get practice making picture collages)

June is a big month for our family. My sister, my nephew, two aunts, a cousin and my birthday are all in the month of June. Every year my sister hosts a HUGE party to celebrate these birthdays. Really it’s for her son and her but I get thrown in as a tag along since I live nearby and she needs someone to take pics for her 🙂 It has gotten to where her friends start asking her about it in April just to make sure they get the date on their calendar.  It’s a big deal to say the least.

This year, the party was made even more special because both my parents were able to be there. My Dad flew in from Jamaica (yup I’m Jamaican 🙂 ) and my Mom came in from NYC. It’s not often we get them both in the same space but we managed it this year. Thankfully they’ve been divorced for years now so they can be in the same room with each other without wanting to kill the other. Haha! Just joking they actually get along quite well.

I’m playing around with making picture collages so I’m posting some pics of my family. Bottom left picture is my parents. I used to look exactly like my Dad but as I’ve gotten older I look more like my Mum.

family pics

My sister is an INSANE cook. Here is a sample of the food she prepared for the party. She is definitely in her wheelhouse when she’s int he kitchen.

sampling of foodLove my family! My sister and I are less than a year a part but we did not get along at all growing up.  She moved to Charlotte a year after I did and our relationship has improved exponentially in that time.  Glad to have family so close by. Thanks for letting me share my family with you as I experiment with picture collages.

2 thoughts on “You Get to Meet My Family (and I get practice making picture collages)

  1. Love meeting your family! So beautiful! And so wonderful that everyone gets together to celebrate. Now I’m going to be thinking of that mac & cheese all day because it looks just like the way my mom fixes it! Great collage work!

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