52 Photos Project – Week 12

The prompt this week over at 52 Photos Project is I Went for A Walk and This is What I Found. I live in our downtown area and there is a cemetery across some railroad tracks behind my condo complex. I’ve wanted to take a gander through there for awhile now so this prompt gave me a good excuse to walk through it. There were tombstones dating back to the mid-19th century. It was fascinating to imagine what the lives of those folks might have been like. The saddest part for me were the number of tombstones for little ones I came across. One family buried 3 children on the same day, and two more a few months later. I can’t imagine the heartache of those parents. Seeing so many children who died, many before the age of one made me grateful for the advances in medicine that have resulted in a decrease in infant mortality. I found myself grateful for life as I walked thru that cemetery.

On my journey I found this little guy just hanging out on one of the tombstones. Besides the fact that I LOVE this person’s name, I love the juxtaposition of life in the midst of death. He seemed quite proud of himself too as he sat there. I wish I had gotten a sharper shot of him but I snapped quickly trying to catch him before he took off, which he did a couple seconds after I took this picture.

week 12_pic 1v2

I’d love to know how Barefoot Horton got his name. I mean to be given the name Barefoot, he must have eschewed shoes his whole life

I also caught this shot of our city’s skyline. Again, I was struck by all the life, represented by the skyscrapers of this growing city, providing the backdrop of this place designed to honor those who have passed on. Walking thru there, I felt very much as if I was walking on hallowed ground and I suppose I was in many ways.

Charlotte Skyline

It was a cloudy day in Charlotte. Well these days it’s a cloudy day every day. I feel like I’ve moved to Seattle and no one told me

CLICK HERE to see the other photos in this week’s gallery. Next week it’s layers or stacks. I have an idea already but I’ll be thinking on it to see if I can come up with something else.


6 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – Week 12

    • It is seriously making me depressed. We have sun shine today but it’s not expected to last. I need a whole month of sunshine to get out of this rain-induced funk. I don’t know how people in Seattle and London do it.

  1. I really love both of these photos. The juxtaposition is fantastic! I have a hard time catching birds, but you did great – and I do wonder a bit about someone named Barefoot. Have a great day!

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