52 Photos Project – week 7

I didn’t get to take my week 7 pic before I went out of town so I missed being able to post it onto the gallery. I still wanted to get it up on here though because my goal is not to miss a single week, except the first week. The prompt for week 7 was Crimson and I was looking forward to shooting the idea that immediately came to mind.

A few years ago some friends of mine took a trip to England and brought me back the most adorable Paddington Bear. I loved Paddington Bear as a child so I was super thrilled when they gave him to me as a gift. My friend’s had no idea about my secret crush on PB which made this gift even more perfect. I was going to show his boots for this submission but when I caught this shot of his hat I decided to go with the hat instead. Here’s my Crimson submission

week 7_crimson

To see the other submissions for Crimson you can go here. I am really enjoying being a part of this project. It’s keeping me looking at things with fresh eyes which is the whole point right?! 🙂


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