52 Photos Project – Week 6

This week’s prompt for the 52 Photos Project is Uncommon Shapes. The instant I saw this prompt I knew what I wanted to use because this piece of art, on a main thoroughfare in Charlotte, catches my eye every time I see it. The piece is called The Garden and it was done by the sculptor Jerry Peart.  I love all the uncommon shapes that were brought together to make this beautiful work of art.

The Garden

On the left is a full front view of the sculpture; on the right is a small section of the back side.  I wanted to show the back side too because I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on finding letters of the alphabet in uncommon places and I was beside myself with excitement to find an “S” in this sculpture. Can you see it? It’s really the simple things that make me happy 🙂

To see the other pics chosen for this week’s prompt you can check out the gallery here. Next week the prompt is Crimson. I am traveling and not taking my computer with me. So I will be posting my submission much earlier than I normally do as I don’t miss a week. So you can look for my crimson submission on Wednesday which is super, super early; here’s hoping I actually do it 🙂

As always thanks for stopping by and reading a little bit of my ramblings.


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