52 Photos Project – Week 5

The prompt this week over at 52 Photos Project is Waterdrops. I was initially going to show a picture of a waterfall cascade at an office building not far from my house. But then one morning this week, I pulled a frying pan out of the dishwasher to saute some zucchini and when I placed it on the stove I noticed this lone waterdrop on the pan. I couldn’t not take a picture; it literally begged to photographed 🙂 and I decided I wanted to use it for the prompt this week. Though it is only one waterdrop it still felt like the perfect picture for this week’s prompt.

week 5_waterdrops

To check out the other pics from this weeks gallery you can click here.

Up next, Uncommon Shapes. I already think I know what image I want to capture for this prompt. However, I’ll be scouting locations this week for an upcoming family photo shoot so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for anything else that might catch my eye. Looking forward to seeing what I might find new out there.


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