52 Photos Project – Week 4

This week’s prompt over at 52 Photos Project is Crop It: A Before and After view.

I have an ongoing photography project that I am working on to help develop my eye for creatively seeing the world around me. Whenever I’m out with my camera, I look for the alphabet. My goal is to gather up all 26 letters from unique objects in and around my neighborhood. I may be taking pictures of other things but I keep an eye out for times when a letter from the alphabet may pop up.

On a photo walk over the weekend, I found several letters including this “U” from a bike rack in our downtown area. Here is the full pic

Full Pic

And the cropped version which I will like much better since it’s all about the “U” and that pesky car is now out of the shot


I am having fun gathering up the letters and I look forward to seeing where the other letters may reveal themselves. I can’t wait until I get all 26 letters. To see the other pics in this week’s Crop It gallery you can click here.

Next week’s prompt is waterdrops. That should be fun for me since I’ve been playing around a lot lately with the effect of shutter speed on water. Looking forward to capturing some shots this week as I continue to learn and grow in my photography skills.


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