The One Where I Got A Tattoo

OH-mets (Courage in Hebrew)

OH-mets (Courage)

I’ve decided to join the synchroblog over at Deeper Story and share the story of my decision to get a tattoo:

Every year I join my friend Alece in choosing one word that I want to embody my year. In 2011, the word I chose was courage. As 2010 was ending, God started nudging me to look at some areas of my life I had largely ignored. I had started counseling and some things were being stirred that, quite frankly, I would have rather run away from than face. But God was nudging and I was trying to be brave so I decided courage would be my word for 2011. In December of 2010, the thought crossed my mind of getting a tattoo of the word courage in Hebrew. My first thought was “you’ve lost your mind Makeda!” My second thought was “you have seriously lost your mind!” 🙂 But I couldn’t shake the idea so I decided that I would wait. If after 30 days I still wanted the tattoo I would get it because let’s face it, a tattoo is not something you can just wash off if you don’t like it. You kinda have to live with it every day for the rest of your life. So I waited and I let the thought marinate for a little while.

At the end of January things started to get really hard and I knew I would need a lot of courage to keep looking into some of the places God was uncovering. My instinct was to run but I wanted to stay and see what I needed to see; I wanted to be courageous. I chose this word for my tattoo because it is the word used in Joshua 1:9 when God tells Joshua be strong and very courageous. The part about that verse I like the best is when God tells Joshua the reason he can be strong and courageous is because “the Lord thy God is with you.” I figured being reminded that God was always with me would never grow old so on February 11, 2011 I took two of my closest friends and got the word courage tattooed on my left wrist.

As it turned out I needed that reminder more than I could have guessed when I walked into that tattoo parlor. By the time 2011 ended and 2012 started I was knee-deep in one of the darkest times of my life. My tattoo became a kind of talisman for me and it remains that for me today as I am finding new ways to embrace courage in this season of change. God is faithful and I am grateful for this daily reminder that I CAN be courageous because God is WITH me.


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