It’s Going To Be About Trust

“It’s going to be about trust with you” Preston Yancey said that God spoke these words to him right before He went silent on him for a period of time. In recent days, I’ve begun to hear a variation of those words whispered, I believe, to me from the heart of my Father.

“It’s going to be about trust between you and Me”

Those are the words I hear whispered to my heart. I don’t know exactly how the story is getting ready to unfold but I do know that the one echo that has followed my journey with the Father has been “trust me”. More times than I can count I have felt Him say “trust me” or “just trust me”. I remember driving down the road one night and clearly hearing Him ask me if He has ever done anything worthy of my trust. If the answer to that question was yes then I needed to trust Him. I don’t remember now what I needed to trust Him for then but as I stand on the brink of a significant life change I again hear Him saying “trust me”. This new season I am stepping into is going to be about trust between us. He and I have been through a lot in the last couple of years and I’m not exactly sure what trusting Him looks like for me now. But I know this is what He is asking of me, that I will trust Him.

Whenever I think about trusting God this song comes to mind. I think my trusting Him will look different than this song portrays but it’s still a great reminder. So as I take baby steps down this road, away from the familiar and into the unknown, I am taking lots of deep breathes, holding onto the promise that He is with me and because He is with me I can trust Him.


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