A Confession

I’ve never considered myself to be creative but in recent years I’ve come to realize that doing creative things energize me. It doesn’t matter whether I’m taking a picture or putting together a word collage, I am energized when I am being creative. It’s that awareness that has me thinking, there just might be more to me than being an admin girl. It’s part of what has me trying to discover my creative voice but the truth is I’m a little scared. The admin in me, who likes order and predictability, is slightly terrified of what I might find on what will, no doubt, be an unpredictable journey. I don’t generally do unpredictable well; I prefer my chaos to be planned 🙂 The thought that I might discover something that would completely disrupt my well ordered, but at times stifling, life makes me a little anxious (okay it makes me a lot anxious).

I have this mild problem of over-thinking things so I’m trying to shut my brain off and just go with it, which is not nearly as easy as I want it to be. But despite my fear of the unknowns I might face, I’m choosing to feel the fear and do it anyway. I welcome others to join me on this journey but I should warn you, I have no idea how this is going to go so I can’t promise any kind of consistency. If you’re willing to tag along anyway I’d love to have you go with me into this crazy unknown. And while you’re here I’m curious, do you have areas in your life that you want to explore but they feel too scary to face? Any places where you are “feeling the fear but doing it anyway”? I’d love to hear your story.


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